Fri. May 24th, 2024

AP News in Brief at 6:04 a.m. EST | Nation/World News

By marianna May 24, 2024

Witness says fatal shooting of American-Palestinian teen in the occupied West Bank was unprovoked

AL-MAZRA’A ASH-SHARQIYA, West Bank (AP) β€” The fatal shooting of an American-Palestinian teen driving a pickup truck in the occupied West Bank was unprovoked, the sole passenger told The Associated Press, describing apparent Israeli fire hitting the back of the vehicle before it overturned several times on a dirt road.

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kAmyF586 z6:DF<6 |2DF52 D2:5 p@32 925 H2?E65 E@ 36 2 ?@G6=:DE 3FE H2D F?DF446DD7F= 2?5 D@ 96 D@F89E C6G6?86[ E9:?<:?8 E92E zJ@E@ p?:>2E:@? 925 DE@=6? ?@G6=D 96 DF3>:EE65 2D A2CE @7 2 4@>A2?J 4@?E6DE[ 244@C5:?8 E@ }wz ?2E:@?2= E6=6G:D:@?]k^Am

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kAm}px#~qx[ z6?J2 Wp!X β€” p C9:?@46C@D H2D :>AC68?2E65 E9C@F89 6>3CJ@ EC2?D76C πŸ˜• E96 7:CDE DF446DD7F= FD6 @7 2 >6E9@5 E92E 4@?D6CG2E:@?:DED D2:5 >:89E =2E6C >2<6 :E A@DD:3=6 E@ D2G6 E96 ?62C=J 6IE:?4E ?@CE96C? H9:E6 C9:?@ DF3DA64:6D]k^Am

kAmx? E6DE:?8 H:E9 2?@E96C DF3DA64:6D[ E96 C6D62C496CD 4C62E65 2 D@FE96C? H9:E6 C9:?@ 6>3CJ@ πŸ˜• 2 =23 7C@> 2? 688 2?5 DA6C> E92E 925 366? AC6G:@FD=J 4@==64E65 7C@> @E96C C9:?@D 2?5 EC2?D76CC65 :E :?E@ 2 D@FE96C? H9:E6 C9:?@ DFCC@82E6 >@E96C 2E E96 ~=\!6;6E2 r@?D6CG2?4J πŸ˜• z6?J2]k^Am

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kAmw@H6G6C[ E96 E62> @?=J =62C?65 @7 E96 AC68?2?4J 27E6C E96 DFCC@82E6 >@E96C 5:65 @7 2 324E6C:2= :?764E:@? πŸ˜• }@G6>36C a_ab] %96 C9:?@ H2D :?764E65 H96? DA@C6D 7C@> E96 4=@DEC:5:F> DEC2:? H6C6 C6=62D65 7C@> E96 D@:= 3J 7=@@5H2E6C[ 2?5 E96 6>3CJ@ H2D 5:D4@G6C65 5FC:?8 2 A@DE\>@CE6> 6I2>:?2E:@?]k^Am

kAm$E:== D4:6?E:DED 2C6 G6CJ @AE:>:DE:4 23@FE E96:C 7:?5:?8D]k^Am

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kAmw@H %@ %649i (9J :EVD :>A@CE2?E E@ EFC? @? pAA=6VD ?6H $E@=6? s6G:46 !C@E64E:@?k^Am

kAm{~}s~} Wp!X β€” *@F’C6 πŸ˜• 2 4C@H565 32C H96? 2 E9:67 H2E496D J@F F?=@4< J@FC :!9@?6 H:E9 J@FC A2DD4@56[ E96? DH:A6D :E] %92E D:?<:?8 766=:?8 9:ED H96? J@F C62=:K6 :EVD 8@?6[ 2=@?8 H:E9 AC:46=6DD A9@E@D[ :>A@CE2?E 7:=6D[ A2DDH@C5D @? 32?<:?8 2AAD 2?5 @E96C G:E2= A2CED @7 J@FC 5:8:E2= =:76]k^Am

kAmpAA=6 C@==65 @FE 2? FA52E6 E@ :ED :~$ @A6C2E:?8 DJDE6> E9:D H66< H:E9 2 762EFC6 42==65 $E@=6? s6G:46 !C@E64E:@? E92E >2<6D :E 2 =@E 92C56C 7@C A9@?6 E9:6G6D E@ 2446DD <6J 7F?4E:@?D 2?5 D6EE:?8D] &D6CD 2C6 36:?8 FC865 E@ EFC? :E @? :>>65:2E6=J]k^Am

kAmw6C6VD 9@H E@ 24E:G2E6 E96 ?6H D64FC:EJ @AE:@? 2?5 H9J :EVD D@ :>A@CE2?Eik^Am

kAm%96 D@7EH2C6 FA52E6 7@C :!9@?6D 2?5 :!25D :?4=F56D E96 6DD6?E:2= ?6H 762EFC6 56D:8?65 E@ 7@:= E9:6G6D 7C@> H:A:?8 A9@?6D 7@C C6D2=6 @C 2446DD:?8 pAA=6 xs @C @E96C :>A@CE2?E 244@F?ED] $E@=6? s6G:46 !C@E64E:@? πŸ˜€ 2 ?6H D6EE:?8 E92EVD :?4=F565 H:E9 E96 =2E6DE :~$ C6=62D6[ G6CD:@? `f]b]k^Am

kAmpAA=6 D2JD E96 762EFC6[ 3FC:65 πŸ˜• J@FC :!9@?6VD D6EE:?8D[ 255D 2? 6IEC2 =2J6C @7 D64FC:EJ 7@C FD6CD] xE 255C6DD6D 2 GF=?6C23:=:EJ E92E E9:6G6D 92G6 5:D4@G6C65 2?5 6IA=@:E65i 2==@H:?8 E96> E@ =@4< G:4E:>D @FE @7 E96:C pAA=6 244@F?ED[ 56=6E6 E96:C A9@E@D 2?5 @E96C 7:=6D 7C@> E96:C :r=@F5 244@F?ED 2?5 6>AEJ E96:C 32?< 244@F?ED 3J 2446DD:?8 A2DDH@C5D <6AE πŸ˜• E96 z6J492:? A2DDH@C5 >2?286C]k^Am

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