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What is the max level in Palworld? Level cap explained

By marianna Feb 19, 2024
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The Palworld grind is taking over the gaming industry to start 2024, but exactly what is the max level? Here’s what you need to know on your ascent to the top of the food chain.

There’s no beating around the bush, Palworld has been a monstrous success story to start 2024 with a bang. The unsuspecting title came out of nowhere and quickly skyrocketed into a staggering mainstream success story.

Selling millions of copies in a matter of days, it quickly shot through the charts as one of Steam’s all-time biggest games with just shy of 1.3 million concurrent players. Eclipsing the likes of Elden Ring, Cyberpunk 2077, and even 2023’s biggest smash hit, Baldur’s Gate 3.

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So if you’re one of the many jumping into what’s been called “Pokemon with guns”, you might be wondering what the max level is. Fear not, we’ve got you covered with the full rundown on Palworld’s level cap below.


Palworld Pal character from the game.PocketPair

Palworld has been a resounding hit to start 2024.

What is the max level in Palworld?

Palworld’s current cap is set to level 50. During the early access window, players can only grind up to level 50 before their progression hits a brick wall.

This level 50 cap carries across not only your character, but the Pals you catch as well. So, at least for now, you won’t see any players or Pals out in the wild above level 50.

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Though as Palworld’s early access is still relatively fresh, there’s always a chance things change in the near future. By the time the full game launches, the level cap could be a great deal higher than level 50.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted here should any changes to Palworld’s level cap arise in the coming weeks.

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Best way to level up fast in Palworld

Catching Pals is the easiest and most efficient way to level up quickly in Palworld. It may sound simple, but in a game about catching Pals, it’s the best way to level your character up as fast as possible.

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Better yet, catching multiple of the same Pal type will only help speed things up. A Capture Bonus is up for grabs with each Pal type, giving you a surplus of experience for collecting 10 of the same Pal. Focusing on these early on will give you the fastest track to a higher level.

Beyond that, it’s simply a matter of playing the game. By venturing out into the wild, taking down foes, destroying bases, and the like, you’ll be amassing tons of experience in no time.

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A player tends to their flock of pals in Palworld on the hunt for Paldium FragmentsPocketpair

Catching Pals, including many of the same type, is the best way to level up fast in Palworld.

Palworld Level Sync explained

Level Sync is a system in Palworld that looks to align the levels of Pals you capture with your character’s level. For example, if a level 10 character catches a level 20 Pal, Level Sync will automatically scale back its power.

So while you can still catch much higher-level Pals on your travels, don’t expect them to help you blitz through any and all opposition right away. Level Sync is in effect to keep things balanced across the board.

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Max base level in Palworld

While your character and your Pals can reach level 50, bases can only reach the max level of 15. Establishing a base is vital in Palworld, and by upgrading its facilities, size, and more, you can expand it all the way up to a level 15 base.

Once you hit the cap of base level 15, you’ll then be able to craft brand-new items and even a handful of extra bases to boot.

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