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Palworld fans roast Nintendo for suspiciously timed Pokemon brag

By marianna May 24, 2024
Ethan Dean

Palworld fans laid into Nintendo as a tweet highlighting some underlooked details in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet didn’t quite go as planned.

Palworld’s insanely swift rise in popularity has rocketed it to the top of the Steam charts and shattered previous records for concurrent players on the platform. Developer Pocketpair recently announced that over 4 million people had purchased Palworld in the first three days since its early access launch.

Previously designated ‘Pokemon with guns’, Palworld has caused a bit of a stir with Pokemon fans who claim the game “rips off” creature designs and features from the franchise. Fans of Palworld haven’t taken the accusations lying down and fired back at the Pokemon crowd.

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As the conflict between the two groups of players rages online, Nintendo of America published a questionably timed Tweet championing the virtues of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Palworld players pounced in the replies and wasted no time in bemoaning the Nintendo franchise’s recent entries.

In the tweet, Nintendo of America focused on “hidden details” within Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The details in question were Spinarak’s abdomen markings changing based on its mood and slight variations in loading screens when traveling from Paldea to Kitakami.

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Most folks in the replies were far from impressed, lambasting Nintendo and Pokemon for a perceived inferiority to the recently successful Palworld. “Why would you tweet this right now?” one player asked suspiciously as other users vented about the recent state of Nintendo’s monster tamer.

“Outdone by an indie team because you insist on staying behind,” said one user comparing the two franchises. “It’s just going to keep happening as long you keep choosing to act like it’s 2002.”

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“Pokemon is so behind in everything it’s honestly sad to see,” another Palworld enthusiast said. “As a jaded fan of your franchise, you guys refuse to evolve this thing, which is ironic considering what Pokemon is all about anyway.”

A player uses their pal as a mount in PalworldPocketpair

We love Koraidon and Miraidon but Palworld lets you ride more than one Pal

Most of the complaints related to the poor performance and nightmare-inducing bugs that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet dealt with at launch.

According to many users responding to Nintendo of America’s Tweet, “Palworld is better than Pokemon in every conceivable way”.

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