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Local businesses look to recover following winter storm | WJHL

By marianna Feb 19, 2024

KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – The frigid temperatures, icy roads, and heavy snowfall forced some businesses to close down. Italiano’s in Kingsport was one business that decided to keep its doors open.

“I wasn’t really expecting it to be as bad as it was and I just woke up the next day and it was really bad,” said Kamal Nasr, Owner of Italiano’s restaurant. “I called my employees to make sure they’re safe to drive. Some of them were close to us and some of them weren’t, so we only had two showed up.”

Nasr said as of right now his restaurant is only delivery and pick up orders, but with the dangerous road conditions he couldn’t run the deliveries needed.

“It did affect us a lot,” said Nasr. “Customers couldn’t get out to pick up food. The drivers couldn’t be on the roads. DoorDash was down for a couple of days.”

Nasr told News Channel 11 that because of this, he experienced some loss in revenue.

“The sales decrease about 25 to 35% on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday,” said Nasr.

Although Italiano’s did struggle during the harsh weather, Nasr said he is currently building a new dining room that will open with in the next month and he hopes that will bring more customers and help compensate for his loss.

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