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Korg PS-3300 FS, a full-scale reissue of the ultra rare poly analog Synthesizer

By marianna Feb 19, 2024

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NAMM 2024: Korg PS-3300 FS is a full-scale reissue of the legendary ultra-rare polyphonic Synthesizer designed by Fumio Media in 1977.

Korg has introduced a colorful range of new synthesizers in the past few days. Two new portable Nu:Tekt releases (NTS-1 mk2 & NTS-3), the KingKORG Neo, desktop units of its current digital synths, and a microKORG 2. All of these synths have one thing in common: they are 100% digital. Yes, there hasn’t been anything analog yet. But I have excellent news. OK, it’s a leak from the Korg UK website. 

Korg revives the super rare PS-3300 analog poly synthesizer in full scale. An epic synth is returning, and a prototype should be displayed at NAMM 2024 this week. 

Korg PS-3300 FSKorg PS-3300 FS

Korg PS-3300 FS

The original PS-3300 was a very expensive instrument and was only played by a handful of musicians, including Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

It has been back in the news recently because two software developers could emulate it very authentically in two plugins Full Bucket Music for free and Cherry Audio.  Now the Monster Poly Synth returns

​According to Korg, the PS-3300 FS is a full-scale reissue of the original Korg PS-3300 from 1977. It’s an analog polyphonic Synthesizer initially designed by the legendary Korg engineer Fumio Mieda. He also developed with Hiroaki Nishijima the iconic MS-20.

The reasons why there is so much fascination with the original PS-3300 still today are the special circuitry, the massiveness of the hardware, and the rarity.

It is considered to be one of the rarest synthesizers ever produced. Yoshihito Yamada, chief Engineer of Korg analog synthesizers, says about the comeback:

Authentic Recreation With Modern Additions

The PS-3300 FS will be an authentic replica of the original unit. This means it will feature the original, unique design with three independent synth layers.


Each layer features three oscillators, multiple filters, envelopes, and amplifiers for every note. Plus, you get the mixer and utility section called PSU-3302.

New, however, is the voice count. Unlike the original (48 keys/48 voices), the new PS-3300 FS will feature 49 keys and 49 voices, giving you a crazy amount of 147 synth voices of raw analog polyphonic goodness. Also onboard is the unique micro tuning knob x12 on each PSU-3301 synth unit.

Korg PS-3300 FSKorg PS-3300 FS

Part of the recreation is also the semi-modular concept of the synth, allowing you to patch it with cables with which you can create very complex signal routings and sounds. 

Then, it also includes the 3-band resonator found in the original, allowing you to emphasize three frequency bands. According to Korg, the original used a Cadmium sulfide circuit and the new one is based on modern components for safety and to comply with regulations.

Patch Memory

A highlight of the PS-3300 FS is a new panel memory function with 16 programs per bank and 16 banks in total, giving you a total of 256 slots. Plus, there will be a dedicated librarian app for easy preset management. 

Korg also ships the new 3300 with the keyboard unit (PS-3010) with the joystick and patch points. On the connection side, it will offer professional I/O, USB, and MIDI jacks. 

First Impression

If the new digital synths have left you cold or haven’t come off the high yet, hopefully you will now. This is epic news. A little audio snippet is available on the linked Korg UK website. That sounds already awesome.

It makes me dizzy when I think about how much the device will probably cost. Certainly not for my budget

Korg PS-3300 FS availability and price TBA. A prototype will be on display on NAMM 2024. 

More information here: Korg / Korg UK 

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