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How to get & farm Electric Organ in Palworld

By marianna Feb 19, 2024

Electric Organs are a critical material in Palworld that you’ll need plenty of once you progress further into the game. Here’s how to find and farm Electric Organ in Palworld.

With Palworld already establishing itself as one of the biggest success stories in years, its player count is growing and more people are progressing past the early game.

Once you reach the mid and late game Electric Organs become extremely important. This unique material is required to craft several of Palworld’s most complicated devices, many of which are essential to obtaining better gear.

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Some of the items tied to Electric Organs include everything from simple cosmetics like Street Lamps to huge upgrades like the Power Generator and Electric Pylon that are central to further your save.

Where to find Electric Organs in Palworld

Electric Organs can be received as a drop from defeating or catching any Electric Element type Pal in Palworld.

The most reliable way of farming Electric Organs is to defeat Sparkit, the weakest Electric Element type Pal. Sparkit can be found both in a vertical stretch west of the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate and in the large desert surrounding the Anubis boss encounter.

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Map showing where you can find Electric Organs in Palworld.Pocketpair

The two locations where Sparkit can be found in Palworld, the most reliable source of Electric Organs.

Though Sparkit is a great choice for farming Electric Organs in Palworld it is not the only viable option. Other Electric Element type Pals that work are Jolthog, Mossanda Lux, and Univolt, though some of these are only accessible to higher-level players.

To optimize the process of farming Electric Organs it is recommended to ride a mobile Pal like Eikthyrdeer or Nitewing. This will greatly speed up how fast you can reach and chain enemies together to collect materials.

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