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Baltimore businesses gear up for business boost ahead of AFC Championship Game

By marianna Feb 19, 2024

BALTIMORE — The countdown to the AFC Championship Game is on, and this Sunday, Baltimore residents and fans are set to flock to businesses across the region to cheer on the Ravens.

In recent weeks, some Baltimore County restaurants and bars have reported a significant economic boost as the Ravens continue to dominate the league.

Cristina Mendez took a look at some of the preparations underway to accommodate the expected large crowds.

Some restaurants are planning to switch to a fixed menu for the big game, while others are ordering double or even triple their usual Sunday supplies. The anticipation is high, as businesses prepare for what could be a bustling weekend.

Inside restaurants and bars across the Baltimore region, Wednesday may seem like the calm before the storm. The line between M&T Bank Stadium and those watching the Ravens from a screen in a different county blurs when it comes to the support from fans. Those in the hospitality business are witnessing an economic boost like never before.

Ridge Froneberger, a partner at Silks Sportsbar in the entertainment district of Towson, shared his experience.

“It’s been crazy. Like, each Sunday that the Ravens are playing, it’s been a packed house,” Froneberger said.

Silks Sportsbar has a special menu for Ravens games and even gives out shots with each touchdown, further fueling the excitement of fans.

“We haven’t gotten this far in a while, and it means a lot, especially with the customers and everyone coming in, showing support. It’s been really good.” Froneberger said.   

Tony Marwah, the owner of ‘The Real Thing,’ said that last Sunday, there was a 40-minute wait for food at his restaurant. With the AFC Championship on the horizon, Marwah expects an even busier day, with customers already placing catering orders and a surge of walk-ins expected on Sunday.

“Normal Sundays hardly have a hundred people, but this Sunday, I’m looking at 3 to 4 times better than a regular Sunday. I will do about 300 subs,” Marwah explained.

The Ravens making it to the final round before the Super Bowl brings with it good food, good company, and excitement that reaches far beyond the stadium.

“We’re just excited and ready for it,” while Marwah cheered, “Go Ravens!,” Froneberger said.

No matter where you plan to watch the Ravens on Sunday, those in the hospitality industry urge you to make reservations or order ahead now if you can.

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