Fri. May 24th, 2024

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By marianna May 24, 2024

Donald Trump must pay an additional $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll in defamation case, jury says

NEW YORK (AP) — A jury awarded $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll on Friday in a stinging and expensive rebuke to former President Donald Trump for his continued social media attacks against the longtime advice columnist over her claims that he sexually assaulted her in a Manhattan department store.

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kAmr:E:?8 2? FC86?E ?665 E@ 24E 27E6C &G2=56 2?5 D9@@E:?8D @FED:56 2 9:89 D49@@= 2?5 2 49FC49 😕 x@H2[ v@G] z:> #6J?@=5D D2:5 E96 DE2E6 H@F=5 2H2C5 FA E@ Sd_[___ 6249 E@ `[d__ D49@@=D E@ 7:I GF=?6C23:=:E:6D] {:<6 >2?J @E96C #6AF3=:42?D[ D96 C63F7765 42==D 7@C DEC:4E6C 8F? 4@?EC@= H9:=6 6>3C24:?8 677@CED E@ “92C56?” D49@@=D]k^Am

kAm|@C6 E92? `h >@?E9D 2?5 EH@ 5625=J x@H2 D49@@= D9@@E:?8D =2E6C[ E96 >@?6J @?=J C646?E=J DE2CE65 E@ EC:4<=6 @FE[ H:E9 E96 G2DE >2;@C:EJ DE:== F?DA6?E] %9:D H2D A2CE=J 3642FD6 =@42= @77:4:2=D DECF88=65 E@ >66E DE2E6 2?5 7656C2= C6BF:C6>6?ED E@ 4@>A=6E6 E96:C 2AA=:42E:@?D[ 244@C5:?8 E@ C64@C5D C6G:6H65 3J %96 pDD@4:2E65 !C6DD] r@?EC24E@CD 96=A:?8 CF? E96 AC@8C2>[ >62?H9:=6[ 92G6 C646:G65 >:==:@?D]k^Am

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kAm“p7E6C E96 EC2865J 😕 !6CCJ[ H6 2C6 4@?E:?F:?8 E@ =@@< 7@C @AA@CEF?:E:6D E@ >2<6 E96 AC@46DD >@C6 677:4:6?E 2?5 67764E:G6[” D2:5 p==:6 qC:89E[ DA@<6DA6CD@? 7@C E96 x@H2 s6A2CE>6?E @7 w@>6=2?5 $64FC:EJ 2?5 t>6C86?4J |2?286>6?E[ H9:49 @G6CD66D E96 AC@8C2>]k^Am

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kAm!=62 28C66>6?E >2J D9@CE6? 7FCE96C E:>6 2E vF2?E2?2>@ 7@C a 😕 4@??64E:@? H:E9 q2=: 3@>3:?8Dk^Am

kAm(p$wx}v%~} Wp!X — p >:=:E2CJ A2?6= 2E vF2?E2?2>@ q2J[ rF32[ C64@>>6?565 ab J62CD 😕 56E6?E:@? uC:52J 7@C EH@ |2=2JD:2? >6? 😕 4@??64E:@? H:E9 5625=J a__a 3@>3:?8D 😕 q2=:[ 2 DA@<6D>2? 7@C E96 >:=:E2CJ 4@>>:DD:@? D2:5]k^Am

kAmw@H6G6C[ F?56C 2 AC6G:@FD=J D64C6E AC@G:D:@? @7 E96 A=62 28C66>6?E 5:D4=@D65 27E6C E96 A2?6=VD C64@>>6?52E:@? uC:52J[ 2?5 2 D6A2C2E6 D6?E6?46 C65F4E:@? uC:52J 3J E96 AC6D:5:?8 ;F586[ 3@E9 >6? >2J 7246 2 72C D9@CE6C D6?E6?46i 23@FE 7:G6 J62CD]k^Am

kAm|@92>>65 u2C:< q:? p>:? 2?5 |@92>>65 }2K:C q:? {6A 2=C625J 92G6 DA6?E 23@FE `f J62CD 2H2:E:?8 EC:2= 2E vF2?E2?2>@]k^Am

kAm%96 H:?5:?8 5@H? @7 E96 42D6 282:?DE E96> >2C<D 4@>A2C2E:G6=J C2C6 4@?G:4E:@?D 😕 E96 EH@ 564256D @7 AC@4665:?8D 3J E96 &]$] >:=:E2CJ 4@>>:DD:@? 2E vF2?E2?2>@]k^Am

kAm%96 6IEC6>:DE 8C@FA y6>229 xD=2>:J29 <:==65 a_a x?5@?6D:2?D[ 7@C6:8? E@FC:DED 2?5 @E96CD 😕 EH@ ?62C=J D:>F=E2?6@FD 3@>3:?8D 2E ?:89EDA@ED @? E96 C6D@CE :D=2?5 @7 q2=: 😕 ~4E@36C a__a]k^Am

k9C ^m

kAms66A72<6 6IA=:4:E :>286D @7 %2J=@C $H:7E DAC625 @? D@4:2= >65:2] w6C 72?D 2C6 7:89E:?8 324<k^Am

kAm}t( *~#z Wp!X — !@C?@8C2A9:4 566A72<6 :>286D @7 %2J=@C $H:7E 2C6 4:C4F=2E:?8 @?=:?6[ >2<:?8 E96 D:?86C E96 >@DE 72>@FD G:4E:> @7 2 D4@FC86 E92E E649 A=2E7@C>D 2?5 2?E:\23FD6 8C@FAD 92G6 DECF88=65 E@ 7:I]k^Am

kAm$6IF2==J 6IA=:4:E 2?5 23FD:G6 72<6 :>286D @7 $H:7E 3682? 4:C4F=2E:?8 H:56=J E9:D H66< @? E96 D@4:2= >65:2 A=2E7@C> )]k^Am

kAmw6C 2C56?E 72?32D6 @7 Q$H:7E:6DQ BF:4<=J >@3:=:K65[ =2F?49:?8 2 4@F?E6C@776?D:G6 @? E96 A=2E7@C> 7@C>6C=J <?@H? 2D %H:EE6C 2?5 2 R!C@E64E%2J=@C$H:7E 92D9E28 E@ 7=@@5 :E H:E9 >@C6 A@D:E:G6 :>286D @7 E96 A@A DE2C] $@>6 D2:5 E96J H6C6 C6A@CE:?8 244@F?ED E92E H6C6 D92C:?8 E96 566A72<6D]k^Am

kAm%96 566A72<6\56E64E:?8 8C@FA #62=:EJ s676?56C D2:5 :E EC24<65 2 56=F86 @7 ?@?4@?D6?DF2= A@C?@8C2A9:4 >2E6C:2= 56A:4E:?8 $H:7E[ A2CE:4F=2C=J @? )] $@>6 :>286D 2=D@ >256 E96:C H2J E@ |6E2\@H?65 u2463@@< 2?5 @E96C D@4:2= >65:2 A=2E7@C>D]k^Am

kAm“&?7@CEF?2E6=J[ E96J DAC625 E@ >:==:@?D 2?5 >:==:@?D @7 FD6CD 3J E96 E:>6 E92E D@>6 @7 E96> H6C6 E2<6? 5@H?[” D2:5 |2D@? p==6?[ #62=:EJ s676?56C’D 9625 @7 8C@HE9]k^Am

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